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Rainforest Alliance Certified

100% Arabica coffee

EL SALVADOR "Rene Agvilar" Micro-Lot
1 LB
25 LBS
Rain Forest Alliant

René Aguilar has worked along with his family producing coffee his entire life. René's farm size is 25 manzanas,

Coffee is produced under shade.

Cupping Notes;Cherrycola, herbal, Toffee, Lemon and Creamy

Region;LaMontania, Chalatenango

Altitude 1500masl

El Salvador has been traditionally known for bigger estates in Santa Ana. Chalatenango wasn't really on the map until Cup of Excellence came. The first year of COE, Santa Ana was in the top places. The second year, Chalatenango "was discovered." This area has had good results due to its Pacamara variety and significant climate difference from Santa Ana—a much cooler climate.

Varietal;Bourbon,Pacamora, Pacas,

Fully washed and sun dried.