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Cupping Notes; Soft, clean and sweet with mild floral flavors. Toffee and lemon.

You have to close your eyes when you cup this one but you can get the hint of smoky flavor Guats are known for.

Very hard bean and roasts to a nice Italian or French roast. Great in espressos.


Located in Central America, south of Mexico and north of Honduras and El Salvador is Guatemala. This small country of about 9 million people seldom makes world news like its more famous neighbors, but it is world renowned for its Arabica coffees.

Coffee was first introduced by Jesuit Priests in 1750, and flourished in the rich volcanic soil and subtropical climate. It was only after German immigrants of the late 1800’s combined intensive cultivation and careful processing, using the wet method with nature’s gifts that Guatemala began to produce some of the best coffees in the world.

The large coffee producing centers of Coban, Antigua, Huehuetenango and Atitlan not only make Guatemala the world’s 6th largest producer of coffee, but also provide several different tastes that can be described as anywhere from flowery to spicy to chocolaty.

While most strictly hard bean Guatemalan coffee can be described as mild with average acidity and good body and strong aroma, each region has characteristics of their own.

Acatenango-The newly-recognized region of Acatenango, Guatemala consists of over 5,000 hectacres of mountains, hills, and volcanic slopes. The Acatenango volcano is Central Americas third highest volcano, and coffee may grow as high as 6,500 ft. Coffee was first planted in this region in the 1880s, and today there are over 4,000 growers.Average rainfall is between 48 to 72 inches per year, and the temperature ranges between 14 and 31 degrees Celsius. Harvest takes place between mid January and March.

Antigua – Located in the western highlands, is the most famous of Guatemalan coffees. The long ripening periof and cool mountain climate produce small hard beans with an almost perfect balance of body, flavor, acidity and aroma with a hint of smokiness. One of the world’s most exciting coffees.

Atitlan – Located in the western highlands, the area around beautiful Lake Atitlan produces a clean tasting coffee with bright acidity.

Huehuetenango – Located in the northwest highlands near Mexico, these coffees tend to be more full-bodied than other Guatemalan coffees, but with a hint of smokiness. Spicy and sharp, with good acidity, a very unique coffee.

Coban – Located in Central Guatemala, the constant rains produce a large bean with a mellow, almost flowery fine acidity and heavy body.

100% Arabica