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INDIA Plantation A "Yelnoorkhan Estate"
1 LB
25 LBS
$140.25 ($5.61/lb)
Medium to full body, low acid and subtly spiced. A unique cup with flavors you might equate with India. Interesting bean but not overpowering.

Cupping Notes: Soy Nut, Thick and citric.

Yelnoorkhan Estate. This is a shade grown estate coffee grown 4000 feet up on the Bababudangiri Mountain Range in Karnataka, Southern India.


When we think about coffee producing countries, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala are names that co me to mind. Mention India and we think of tea and the Taj Mahal. In fact, India has been one of the top 10 coffee producing countries for many years. In past years, most of India’s coffee was exported to the former Soviet Union and European countries, which explains why it is somewhat of a novelty to the U.S. market. After the break up of the Soviet Union, the country lost two-thirds of the market. Now, in the global market, Indian is facing stiff competition from Vietnam with their higher productivity and lower cost.

While a relative newcomer to the U.S., Indian coffee has been prized in Europe for years. Legend says that coffee was introduced to India by a Moslem pilgrim returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1800, where plants flourished in the rich soil and climate of the mountains in Mysore. In 1696, Indian plants were exported to Java, the first coffee introduced into the Dutch East Indies. By 1840, the English had begun extensive commercial cultivation of Arabica coffee for export throughout the empire.

India currently offers several Arabica coffees for export, some of the most interesting are:

Mysore Plantation A
Plantation is a term to describe washed or wet processed Arabica coffees. Mysore “A” beans are hand picked only when fully ripe, wet processed polished and graded to exacting standards with 90% of the beans larger than 6.65mm in size. Mysore beans are large in size, green-grey to blue-grey in color. In the cup, this coffee has good aroma, clean soft taste, good body and fair acidity.

Monsooned Malabar AA Coffee processed by a unique method that is supposed to simulate conditions that prevailed on wooden sailing ships which carried coffee to European markets. Unwashed coffee beans are layered 4-6 inches thick in concrete floored warehouses, exposing them to monsoon winds. The beans swell to nearly double in size, taking on a light golden color and acquire a special flavor unlike any coffee in the world. This coffee is very smooth and mellow in the cup with just a slight hint of acidity.

Indian coffees are very extensively processed with good body, varying acidity and, in many cases with the slight hint of the spices they are grown with. These coffees should become favorites among U.S. coffee drinkers.

100% Arabica