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FTO Colombian Cauca
1 LB
25 LBS

Hand picked, fully washed four times and dried

Cupping Notes: Juicy and sweet with big fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of fruit flavor with cocoa, almond and raisin.

Colombian coffees, what can I say that Juan hasn't already said. They are well balanced, medium bodied, and bright.

Cooperativa Multiétnica Y Pluricultural De Pequeños Caficultores Del Cauca, or COMEPCAFE, founded in 2010 by a small-but-mighty group of 44 producers, has grown to include nearly 1,000. The name of the organization itself speaks to the structure and the community, as it is truly a cooperative effort among multiethnic and multicultural smallholders, the majority of whom are members of several indigenous and Afro-Colombian groups who live and work around the towns of Piendiamó and Morales. The group is committed to working not only as one with the planet, but also as a unit together, and the more than 900 affiliated farmers actually don’t hire any outside labor during the harvest season, instead preferring to take turns picking, sorting, and delivering to the co-op with each other.

Roast anywhere from light to espresso depending on your personal preference. They are a good hard bean.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

100% Arabica