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YEMEN "Haraaz A"
1 LB
25 LBS

Haraaz A, Tree Dried Natural

Variety; Tuffahi, Dawairi,Ismali and Jaadi

Cupping notes: Balanced and sweet with tangy fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. Very berry with cherry, strawberry, lemon and chocolate flavors.

Cupping Score: 87

Softer bean roast to Vienna or full city. Cups nice at a medium roast as well.


Yemen coffees are from one of the oldest sources of the bean in the world. You have to try blending this with the Java just to experience the oldest blend in the world "Mocha Java".

Natural processed. Only organic & ash fertilizers are used.

The Republic of Yemen was created in 1990 by the unification of North and South Yemen. Located on the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, it is part of the Middle East. Although the Republic of Yemen is a new nation, it is one of the earliest known centers of civilization.

The people are now as Yemenis; their language is Arabic and they are almost all Muslim. The population is estimated at 15,800,000. Most people of the Arabian Peninsula are Nomads, however, the Yemen’s earning their livelihood from trade and farming have a more settled way of life. There are only four cities of any size, including Sanaa (the capital), which is believed to be one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities.

In ancient times, Yemen was the site of many kingdoms, one of which was the Queen of Sheba’s. At that time the kingdoms played an important economic part of frankincense and Myrh trading, however, their role sharply decrease when the Romans took over the trade. In the 1500’s their trade activity was revived when coffee became an important export.

Yemen’s chief products today are cotton, wheat and other grains, fruits, vegetables, oil, natural gas and coffee.

Ah, the coffee….

Everyone has heard the word “Mocha”. It seems to be one of the more confusing terms in the world of coffee because it has several meanings. It is an old fashioned nickname for coffee, a drink consisting of coffee and hot chocolate, and the common name for coffee from Yemen.

Yemen Mocha is one of the most ancient and traditional coffees. This natural coffee has been famous for centuries as Mocha, since it was through that port, which has long been closed off by a sand bar, that this coffee was first shipped to the West. Mochas as now shipped from Hodeida and Adan, and exports are around 60,000 bags per year with only a small amount coming to the U.S.

This small, round, irregular olive green to yellow bean is still grown as it probably was over a thousand years ago. Planted in irrigated terraces clinging to the sides of semiarid mountains, water is directed through little rock-lined channels to the roods of the plant. To protect the plants from hail and cool night temperatures, the plants are shaded with poplar trees.

Most coffee from Northern Yemen is processed naturally. Dried with the fruit still attached to the beans, the dried husk is later removed by millstone or other primitive methods. This accounts for the rough, irregular look to the bean.

Of the market names that most often appear, Mattari usually represents a more acidy, winey version that the lower toned, more balanced Sanani.

Since Mocha is such a disctinctive coffee, everyone has something interesting to say about it: Unique, sharp flavor… mellow body…creamy….rich….distinctive winey flavor… chocolaty undertones. Give it a try and see what flavors your palate detects.

U-Roast-Em carries Yemen Mocha from three regions Sanani,Matari and Harazi depending on availability. We also make the popular Mocha Java, which is a blend of our Yemen Mocha and Java Estate coffees. Make your own rich coffee blend by adding a chocolate flavoring to our Mocha Java blend, creating a delightful cup of coffee.

100% Arabica